26 Things I’ve Learned from 26 Years of Making Mistakes

dancingThis list might resonate with many of my peers but it is also very personal because it lists lessons I’ve learned from making mistakes along the way. Compiling this list has in many ways only validated the sentiment that so many before me have made in life and that is to embrace and be excited about the mistakes you will make. They will teach more about who you are at your core than anything else. 

Listed in no particular order.

1.      Sleeping with him is not the way to make him like you or love you. period.
2.      Its ok to want to stay in on a Friday night. Hell, it is ok to also stay in on Saturday night. FOMO does not apply to parties, unless they take place on a yacht in the Mediterranean.

3.      Money looks better in the bank then hanging in your closet.

4.      Everyone is insecure, it’s not just you.

5.      Gossip magazines are absolute trash and kill as many brain cells as vodka.

6.      You are more beautiful and skinny then you will ever be ever again so stop worrying about your lack of thigh gap.

7.      You do not have to be everyone’s friend. It is absolutely ok to unfriend or unfollow people on Social Media who don’t bring positivity into your life.

8.      It’s important to network with people in your industry.

9.      Do not let fear of rejection stop you from saying hello. You might never be in the same room as Susie Bubble or Grace Coddington ever again.

10.    Be nice to everyone, you never know who you are talking to.

11.   If you are honest you are never wrong.

12.   Wanting to wear makeup and to look good is not shallow. You can be sexy and smart.

13.  You do not get what you do not ask for. Whether it is the raise from your boss, a sign from the universe or more sex from your partner, do not be afraid to ask for what you really want.

14.   It is a disservice to yourself and to the universe to want to be anything but who you are.

15.   Little by little eventually becomes a lot. This applies to cookies, alcohol and exercise.

16.   Focusing on what you have will make it seem like you have a lot more.

17.   Trusting your gut and your instincts will get you much further in life then listening to everyone else. Opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got one so why not trust your own.

18.   Do not be afraid to work really hard for what you want even though you might fail.

19.   Be upfront with people, it will save you a hell of a lot of time and headaches.

20.   Stop wasting more time doubting yourself, confidence is the most powerful tool in your box.

21.  Silence is the best response to a fool.  If someone says something that is upsetting and ridiculous you only validate it and feed it more energy by responding. Do not text that bitch back.

22.   Few things feel as good as not giving two fucks about what other people think.

23.   Be curious about everything and realize that there is so much more that you don’t know that you don’t know.

24.   Whoever decided you could not wear brown with black, stripes with polka dots or white after Labor Day is an idiot.

25.      Be open to feedback. If someone is taking the time to tell you where they think you might need some work, chances are they truly care about your growth.

26.       Travel. It is so important to see the world and the way others live. It will provide you with as much perspective as failure.

What are some of the most valuable lessons you have learned along the way? I would love to know.

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