5 Easy Ways to Have More Energy. Like Right Now.

5 ways to have more energy. like right now. CarasKitchen

Hey babes, with everything you have going on in life having a little more energy would help, right?

Maybe you are in school and working, or are working and have a side hustle, or have kids and a career. Maybe you just don’t have the best eating habits so instead of feeling amazing after meals you feel sluggish, tired and on the verge of a serious crash.  Maybe you are not as productive and focused as you’d like. Whatever it is these 4 changes will drastically increase your energy level.

  • Get ride of all sugared liquids:

    or keep em to a minimum –  A girl needs wine and kombucha from time to time ya know? When you drink a sugary liquid that does not have any fiber to slow down the digestion your body immediately starts producing insulin and pumps sugar into the blood stream. Any excess sugar gets turned into fat in the liver, BTW. Your blood sugar spikes, with an instant energy kick followed by a CRASH where you will feel sluggish and maybe irritable.

    This includes all soda, energy drinks (sugar free ones too- thats chemical crap) and fruit juice (organic and cold pressed can be super occasional but the sugar/fructose effects your liver, insulin and blood sugar regardless of the enzymes and nutrients from the fruit)

    Stick to water most of the time, teas, vegetable juice and plant milks that are unsweetened. Balance is key. But you know that already.

  • Eat your carbohydrates with fiber:

    We all know fiber is part of a healthy diet but did you know that eating corbohydrates without fiber can spike your blood sugar  to cray cray levels and then you are likely to get a “sugar crash?” Not good when you are trying to tackle your To Do List. Similar to the sugary liquid, you want to eat carbohydrates with fiber to slow digestion for more sustainable energy levels.  Fiber slows the digestion and absorbtion of the sugar, in addition to so many other things for you, which is why whole fruit is ok but fruit juice is not necessarily a healthy choice. Most processed foods have been stripped of their fiber to extend shelf life so be sure to read labels- croissants, muffins, cookies, breads, lots of cereal- often are devoid of fiber.

  • Wait 20 minutes for second portions:

    Sounds easy enough right? This gives your belly enough time to have a chat with your brain and send satiation signals back and forth so you do not over eat. This will help you avoid a food coma and keep ya from gaining weight so you in turn have more energy and feel better.

  • Buy your screen time minute for minute with physical activity: 

    This is super hard for me since my job and school are online so I only apply this to leisure screen time. So if I want to watch an hour of Netflix then I need to be active for an hour- this includes high intensity and low intensity activity for me- walking/hiking/running/intense scrubbing of my floors with a toothbruch. Just do your best with this one, its the most difficult. But by moving your body more, you increase your cells need for glucose which is the energy of life. This then lowers your blood sugar and will result in more consistent energy.

  • Stretch for 5-10 minutes 

    Whenever I am starting to nod off but need to focus I will get up and do a little light stretching and yoga. It gets the blood moving and i bring my awareness to my breath. Bringing more oxygen into and throughout the body will bring you more energy so focus on inhales and exhales while you move. Trust me you will feel better immediately after.


Whether its mental or physical energy , or both, these little tips will not only give you more fuel right away, they will also make you healthier and more fit in the long run. Try one or try them all. I promise you will start to feel more clear headed, focused and energized right away!

Ok thats all for now, love ya

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  • good tips!! i don’t really crave sweet drinks (i’d much rather eat something than drink something), but i definitely need to work on everything else, especially the wait for 20 minutes before eating more thing.

    • haha yes I would rather eat something sweet then drink unless its wine lol

  • Yes my dear, I always need a little more energy in my life, and I like to get my energy the natural way, no red bulls or energy drinks for me. I’m loving all of these tips Cara, I don’t drink sugared liquids, I eat carbohydrates with fiber, but I don’t think I eat enough of them. I never have seconds, it’s my tell tell sign that I’m overeating.
    The last tips is the best!!! I will defiantly be going minute for minute for tv/social media time and physical activity.

    • Yes girl we are on the same page about how to go about getting energy for sure!!

  • Laura Dembowski

    I am all about water and tea. I have even been avoiding smoothies lately because they don’t make me feel my best. I would rather eat the fruit. And I love that you think of cleaning as a workout. I love adding it on to my additional workouts sometimes.

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