5 Non-Toxic Health, Home and Beauty Hacks

Like many I am a sucker for a good DIY but often find that I am too lazy to actually do it. However when it comes to my health, motivation is never in short supply. These little hacks require very minimal effort making, are very approachable and easy to add into your daily routine. On top of that they are actually good for you and your home. Hashtag winning anyone?

  1. Teeth Whitening & Stain Removal

    After doing some research online I discovered that teeth whitening is not only expensive but is actually pretty dang toxic for your body.

    That doesn’t stop me from wanting to whiten my teeth though and keep the coffee and wine stains at bay.

    Part 1: Add a little baking soda to your tooth brush before putting on your toothpaste with each brush. It is non-toxic, alkaline and can help lift service stains from your teeth.  It can also help cure bad breath- Add half-teaspoon of baking soda mixed in a glass of water, gargel it then spit it out.

    Part 2: hydrogen peroxide gargel and paste.

    What You Need:

    To make the gargel: mix 1 part hydrogen peroxide to 3 parts water and gargel that to help remove serface stains.

    For the paste: Mix 3% hydrogen peroxide to 97% baking soda together to make a paste adding water if needed. I will combine this in a small container with a lid and make enough to last a couple days. Brush with that for whiter teeth and overal mouth health.  After continued use I promise you will see a difference.

    Just be sure not to swallow anything with hydrogen peroxide.

  2. Lotion

    Your skin is your largest organ so what you put on it really matters.

    Lotions can have dyes, bleach or toxic fragrance added into them and thats the last thing you want seeping into your pores. Try using Organic Coconut Oil as a moisturizer. Its natural, affordable and safe to put on your skin. And it natually smells great.

    Or if you are feeling fancy check out my recipe for making your own whipped body butter at home.

  3. Perfume Or Air Freshiners

    Most perfumes and fragrances are made up of several synthetic chemicals, and some of these have been linked to serious health issues like eye and skin irritation, hormone imbalace and increased risk of certain cancers.

    Whats worse is these ingredients are often kept secret and not labaled. BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t use fragrance. Whether its perfume or air freshener for that bathroom there is a natural, non-toxic, great smelling alternative: Essential Oils.

    All you have to do is mix a couple drops with water and put it in a small Glass Spray Bottle . I love Lavendar mixed Peppermint. Or Peppermint and Cinnamon.

    My all time favorite though is just good ‘ol  Lavender Oil by itself mixed with water- its soothing and helps keep my nerves at bay with is relaxing aroma therapy properties. It smells auh-mazing.

    Personally, I am not a huge perfume gal so I use mine as air freshiner in the bathroom or occasionally spraying it around my condo and car or on my pillows.

  4. Air Purification

    The air you breathe matters and can seriously impact your health. Did you know that Indoor air pollutants have been ranked among the top environmental risks to public health? Its true.

    Stagnant indoor enviorments mean that pollutants can build up and cause harm. Everything from furnishings, upholstery, synthetic building materials, and cleaning products can emit a variety of toxic compounds, like formaldehyde.

    Air purification machines can cost anywhere from $60 to hundreds of dollars. I say why not just buy some plants. Not only will they help purify the air they also breathe life into any space making it zen, peaceful and lets be honest- instagram worthy.

    Some great air purifying plants include: Aloe Vera, Bamboo Palm, Snack Plant, Boston Fern, Peace Lily, Ficus,  Dracaena, and Spider Plant.

  5. Face Masks –

    God do I love facials but at $70 to $$$ bucks a pop I only get one like once or twice a year. So how do I help keep my skin clear and get the spa experience at home?

    Activated charcoal and Bentonite Clay DIY masks. I mix the following ingredients together, message using a circular motion onto my skin and leave on for as long as I can take it, which is like 10-15 minutes max (its intense just a heads up) then rinse of with warm water. I do this about once a month, sometimes more sometimes less- just depends on whats going on in my life.

    What You Need:


What you your favorite at homehacks? share in the comments! 

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  • No Spoon Necessary

    I LOVE a good hack, especially if it involves self care! I’m always looking for great products, but they all seem SO expensive, so thanks for sharing these fun and cheap hacks! I’m kinda obsessing over that teeth whitening! My husband is a dental technician so he won’t let me bleach my teeth or use those strips because they are TERRIBLE for your enamel. But your hack?! I’m thinking he will toooootally let me do that!!! YAY! Coffee stains BE GONE! Cheers, girl! <3

    • Aw i love that your dental technician husband backs me up lol! I really have noticed a difference and its been two months

  • I use baking soda toothpaste and also use baking soda as a teeth whitener. I tell everyone that skin is your most important organ and it’s up to us to take care of it. I would love to make mown body butter. Of course I’m all the way down for DIY face masks, why buy masks when you can make them yourself.

    • yeah girl! all bout that baking soda- cheap and effective! Keep spreading your message- its so spot on, xo

  • Kelsie | itsy-bitsy kitchen

    I have an aloe plant in my kitchen–I’m so happy I’m purifying my air! I have to try that mask :). Such great ideas!

    • Awesome that you all ready have one of the airpurifying plants at home! Thanks for stopping by babe 🙂

  • Nicole

    I like the idea for natural teeth whitening! I’ve got to try that sometime soon. I usually do the toxic teeth whiteners once a year, but my teeth always feel sensitive afterwards & I know it can’t be good for me!

    • Yeah I love the natural teeth whiteners- I like you would get sensitve after using them so I stopped about 6 years ago. Since then its flossing and the tips I shared! They def help with surface stains

  • haven’t used baking soda for teeth whitening, but it’s super useful for toilets! that with some white vinegar, and i’m set. also very italian (aka not original at all, but): olive oil in place of lotion! though i do like that beachy tropical feeling when i have coconut oil on (:

    • HAHA!!! omg I love your comment-im gunna have to try that on my toilet! Thanks for the tip

  • I definitely would love to try an activated charcoal mask! Thank you for the recipe and instructions – I’ll most likely try it out this month!


    • Hi Lisa! Yeah for sure- it works wonders 🙂 I hope you like it if you try it

  • You are so good for doing these. I am so lazy, but this will motivate me to try making more things at home myself 🙂

    • haha thank you but I know you make amzing food at home so thats somethin!! 🙂

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