10 Badass Quotes from #GIRLSBOSS By Sophia Amoruso

girlboss#GIRLBOSS is much more then the title of a New York Times best selling book. I think it signifies a shift in our generation and our aversion to traditional societal systems. Sophia Amoruso has had a unique road to entrepreneurial success that only validates the well-known Albert Einstein quote about intuition and imagination being more important than knowledge. There are over fourty thousand photos under the hashtag “GIRLBOSS” on instagram which tells me that forward thinking Millennials (and Venture Capitalists) all over the globe have been inspired by the story of NastyGal. I know I am. She stands for something that my generation can relate to and she is breaking all the traditional rules along the way. Below are 10 of my favorite badass quotes from #GIRLBOSS.

1. “If you’re dreaming big, #GIRLBOSS, don’t be discouraged if you have to start small. It worked for me.”

2. “When your goal is to gain experience, perspective and knowledge, failure is no longer a possibility. Failure is your invention.”

3. “You don’t get taken seriously by asking someone to take you seriously. You’ve got to show up and own it. If this is a man’s world, who cares? I’m still really glad to be a girl in it.”

4. “If I, and this book, have anything to prove, it’s that when you believe in yourself, other people will believe in you, too.”

5. “My advice to aspiring #GIRLBOSSes: As hard as it is, stop caring so much about what other people think. Find a way to hear what you want. Recognize what is your dream. And then put everything you have into that: your work, the relationships you surround yourself with, the food you put in your body. Everything you have control over in your world should feed that dream and make you feel like a #GIRLBOSS!”

6. “In my book (and this is my book!) magical thinking is the alchemy that you can use to visualize and project yourself into the professional and personal life that you want.”

7.  “Focus on the positive things in your life and you’ll be shocked at how many more positive things start happening. But before you start to think you just got lucky, remember that it’s magic, and you made it yourself.”

8. “The energy you’ll expend focusing on someone else’s life is better spent working on your own. Just be your own idol.”

9. “Finally, though, I arrived at a point where I decided this was bullshit. I stopped feeling as if I didn’t belong anywhere, and realized that I belonged anywhere I wanted to be.”

10. “Abandon anything about your life and habits that might be holding you back. Learn to create your own opportunities. Know that there is no finish line; fortune favors action. Race balls-out toward the extraordinary life that you’ve always dreamed of, or still haven’t had time to dream up. And prepare to have a hell of a lot of fun along the way.”

Cheers to the wierd kids, the rebels, the outsiders, the pirates, the fighters, the dreamers, the believers, the bass asses and the girl bosses.


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