9 Reasons to Shop at Farmers Markets

1.      Shopping Locally Grown Taste Better.Chances are the food you buy at a local farmers market was literally picked earlier that morning. When food is picked, packaged and shipped it leaves time for sugars to turn to starches, plant cells to shrink and the produce to lose its flavor. Fresh food taste better. period.2.      Shopping in Season-  Buying foods that are in season is generally more affordable,  more nutritious and requires less pesticides then crops that are rasied year round in less desirable conditions.

3.      Supporting Your Community- You have the ability to walk around with people who are your neighbors and friends. It is very easy to build a sense of community around the fresh food; there is a reason why the kitchen tends to be the most popular room in the house.

4.      Getting Outside- Farmers Markets are a great reason to get out of the house. In this modern world, we spend the majority of our time inside in front of a screen of some kind. Lame. Get out of the house; get some Vitamin D and stretch those legs.5.      Meeting the Farmer- When you get to know the farmer who grows your food, you open the door to a new trust and understanding about the importance of fresh ingredients, the integrity of the crops and sustainability for the enviornment. Its a win, win, win.

6.      Reducing Your Carbon Footprint– Shopping directly from the farmer at a farmers market is a no-frills transaction and cuts down on every aspect of packaging. Also, it is done outside and requires no extra electricity for the transaction to take place. compare that to the average every grocery store which emits 1,900 tons of Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere each year. Thats ridiculous.

7.      Unique Varieties of Fruits and Vegetables- Hello, do you see that photo above of MINI WHITE CUCUMBERS…nuff said.

8.      Supporting Small Business– Less than 1% of Americans are farmers, which is a dramatic decline over the last 30 years. When you buy directly from your farmer you remove the middle man and allow all the retail profit back in his pocket.

9.   You Vote With Your Wallet-  why not vote local, organic, sustainable, environmentally friendly, healthy and community based?

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