A Few of my Favorite Things- The Series

This past week has been fun and rewarding. I chose to become a Group Leader in the Seminar I am participating in with Landmark and it has challeneged me to step outside of my comfort zone. I meet with my group each week and we have been discussing areas of our lives filled with conlaints and how they effect our everyday life. I never realized how much I complained until I was asked to examine them. I also started to write “Food For Thought” posts, Here and Here, and they have given me a place to share some things I’ve learned along the way which has proven to be personally rewarding. Here are a few other things currently making me smile.


DIY Personilzed Mason Jars used for cocktails at a dinner party that my amazing friends TAP Creative hosted in their amazing home/backyard in Culver City. These mason jars, that Christina created are a little reminder at how little personal touches can really effect the outcome of what you are creating. I walked into their home and immediately felt special and important. The evening proved to be magical.

beach bike rides

Bike Riding through Malibu, Santa Monica and Venice with Jaime over the weekend.

marc bday cake

Birthday Cake: The childish and riduclous way the birthday boy decided to dig into his cake…

power morphicon

Its Morphin Time! at power Morphicon with Jaime. He morphed into a real big nerd that day. 

These are a few of my favorite things from the last week. I love slowing down to acknowledge the little things in life that truly bring the biggest of joys. 

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