Avocado Toast by Superba Food and Bread | Venice, CA | Review

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A picture of avocado toast is uploaded to instagram every second. I don’t even need a statistic to support that claim, I feel pretty confident declaring it as fact right here on my blog. However, should you feel the need to fact check me, which I would totally understand- you can. My obsession with avocado toast started about three years ago, right around the time I got instagram (coincidence- I think not)  but only recently have I made it my responsibility to YOU, my readers, to test out every piece of avocado toast available in Los Angeles and report back. First up is the Toasty Avocado Toast from Superba Food and Bread. It comes on a crunchy piece of white toast, with pickeled fresno, radish sprouts and avocados. At $8 a piece its not a cheap treat, but it really is fantastic. It might be one of the best pieces I’ve had so far. The texture of the sprouts and cruncy toast really pop against the creamy avocado, and sweet cilantro. The pickled frenso adds just enough acidity to round out the flavor and you have one helluva bite. If find yourself in Venice around brunch time- by all means check it out. And treat yourself to one of their micheladas if its available.  xo


Superba Michelata

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