DIY Painted Wooden Serving Utensils and Links Worth Sharing

Painted Spoons8I was browsing Etsy one afternoon when I came across a set of really cute painted wooden spoons. Although they were affordable, at $15 for a pair, I decided it would be a fun and easy DIY project to do myself. If you’re anything like me then you regularly are looking for affordable ways to give your place a fresh new look. Unfortuantely, when it comes to home goods the “out with the old, in with the new” approach is not always realistic or budget friendly but with little projects like this, its easy to breathe new life into my space. I think that this DIY is fairly straight forward, so I do not have step by step photos. All I did was gather supplies, clean and dry my wooden spoons, painted some cute patterns and after they dried, applied a varnish. Easy peasy! Also in this post I included links to some cant be missed goodness from around the web to get you through the weekend! xo

Painted Spoons2

I used an acrylic paint for my wooden spoons and applied a varnish on top so the paint doesn’t wash off with water. However, because I used acrylic, which is water soluble I was able to rinse off the paint if I was not happy with the pattern and try again until I had something I liked. This came in handy, so unless you are a skilled painter, I suggest using the same. You can find all these supplies online or at your local art store like Blick, but you might have most of them lying around already!

Painted Spoons3Painted Spoons4Painted Spoons10

1. Informative slideshare on the Legal and Ethical Aspects of Blogging and Content Marketing. (

2. What Millennials look for in a presidential candidate. (

3. This Vegan Hazelnut Tiramisu sounds insanely good. (

4. Stunning photos of a golden retriever. (

5. Great advice from an SI model turned entreprenuer. (

6. Thinking of trying my hand at popsicles this summer. (

7. Charming printable kitchen conversion chart. (

8. One more thing to love about Airbnb. (

9. Perfect summer tune. (

Painted Spoons6Painted Spoons7Painted Spoons9


Have a great weekend!



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