DIY Wall Hanging – Live Wild and Free with Spiritual Kindling

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It must have been two or three months ago by now. It was a Sunday morning and I was heading to the farmers market alone on a rainy and cold day in Los Angeles when I stopped at this booth that had piles of the most beautiful warpped items.  As I approached I could smell the scent of sweet herbs, and rich wood. I learned that they were “bundles composed of healing woods, and herbs to be used to set spiritual intenions or for special occasion blessings.” 

Each one came with a collection of gathered wood from a ranch in malibu, and contained cleansing sage, purifiying lavendar, wise pine, healing eucalyptus, and regenerating oak. These bundles were called Spritual Kindling. I was moved by the purpose of these bundles, and how beautifully they were displayed, wrapped in natural fiber string, dried herbs and a hand stamped intention card. I bought one, not sure what I would do with it  because I didnt exactly have a fire place in my apartment but I had faith that it would serve a purpose. 

After some thought I realized that I didn’t want to burn the wood- I thought it was too beautiful. A wall hanging seemed like the perfect thing- I mean they are floating all over instagram and pinterest these days and I am in the middle of re-decorting my apartment. A wallhanging it became.

As I was about to paint the top piece of wood I realized how it looked like the perfect piece for some powerful words. For the next couple minuets (I try not to over think things) I started spitting ideas off in my head before I was set on an intention that I would want read everyday. And that is to “live wild and free.”

I believe that living wild and free means living life fully self-expressed. It means living free from resentment and regret. It means having peace of mind, and the courage to chase after your dreams. It means never being too old to stop having fun. it means really dancing like no one is watching (unless you like being watch, by all means then). It means living a life full of wonderlust and adventure. It means loving yourself and loving others (because there is no freedom in judgement, or hate). I want to wake up each day, look at it and remind myself to not hold back in life, to give it my all. To be on the on the court. 

To live the fuck out of my life. Yeah. I want to live like that. I am living like that.


Here is what you need for this DIY project:

1.  Spiritual Kindling wood – or any kind of wood works great
2. Natural Fiber Sting
3. Copper Wire
4. White Acrylic Paint 
5. Paint Brushes
6. Dried herbs

Items 3 through 6 are optional and you can use what ever you want or don’t want but that is what I used to achieve the look I did.

Directions to follow:

Wall Hanging 7

WHAT YOU NEED: Pieces of wood, (at least three) and string. Optional: paint and brushes, copper wire, dried herbs like sage, and lavendar.

Wall Hanging2

Step one: Line up your pieces of wood in the order you would like them to hang. I put the largest piece on bottom, to weight it down and placed the shorter ones towards the top. Step two: Using one long piece of string, start to tie the pieces together leaving as much slack between the pieces as you desire. NOTE** I might reccomend this- paint your pieces of wood first. I did not do this as you can see but it might make the painting easier if the pieces are not tied together.

Wall Hanging 6 Wall Hanging 5

Step three: Add copper wire around a few pieces of wood. This is optional but I really love mixing woods and metals together.

Wall Hanging 4

Step four: Paint your pieces of wood as your heart desires. I choose arrows and dots and strips. Also- if you want add some dry herbs to the hanging to give it an extra earthy element.

Wall Hanging


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