Spiced Sweet Potatoes with Cashew Supreme and Cilantro

spiced sweet potatoes


I love poatotes of all kinds, and have overwhelming gratitude for all the wonderful things they give us. I mean think about it, potatoes give us vodka, french fries, hashbrowns, chips, and latkes to name a few. This recipe is so easy to whip up and I love anything with cashew sour cream. You could use this easy recipe for the sour cream on tacos, roasted corn, mango and avocado salad, nachos, or a burrito bowl but topped over these sweet potatoes is to-die-for. These are perfect as a snack, or used a side dish along another dish. I hope you enjoy.

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Easy Vegan & Grain Free Burrito Bowl

burrito bowl

Last week, when my boyfriend and I made all the mediterranean food, I was creating a shopping list and I realized how all the dishes were made up of predominatly all the same ingredients. Chickpeas, parsley, oregano, garlic, lemon, onion and olive oil were in almost everything we were making. He then said, “its the same with Mexican food too. And well…, most ethnic cuisines.” I realized he was right. This might not seem like a profound revealation but I guess I just hadn’t thought about it before. When I was buying ingredients for this burrito bowl, I realized cilantro, lime, garlic, paprika or cayenne, cumin, onion, beans, and avocado make up so many of the dishes I love from Mexian restaurants. It streamlines things for sure and I realized how there are just certian combination of ingredients that work and now matter how you combine them together you will (most of the time) end up with something that tastes good. So on to this bowl, I adapted the recipe from Claire at The Kitchy Kitchen, one of my favorite bloggers- and it is so good. I have never made a bad recipe from her blog, they all turn out great. If you did not know, now you know. This recipe serves four people and is super easy to make and so fulling, even your meat eating friends will enjoy it. I decided to make it paleo friendly by substituing actual rice for cauliflower rice and you can find the recipe here but you are welcome to use real rice if you want.

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Cilantro and Lime Cauliflower Rice

cilantro and lime rice

I have always thought that potatoes were the most verstile vegetable, providing us with some of my most favorite things- french fries, chips, vodka, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, scalloped potatoes and on and on and nom. But cauliflower is slowly creeping up the versitility ladder with cauliflower crust pizza, cauliflower mashed ‘potatoes’, cauliflower couscous, buffalo cauliflower and cauliflower rice. kapow.

This recipe for how to turn the cauliflower into rice is adapted from theKitchn  but the process is fairly easy and all you need is a food processor or vitamix. I made this Cilantro and Lime Cauliflower Rice to add to a burrito bowl recipe that will be posted tomorrow but you could make this as the rice in a number of dishes or served as a side. Its gluten free,  low calorie, paleo and girlish figure friendly. Yay. I was truly surprised with how much it actually resembles rice in texture and flavor – I am excited to use this as rice in more dishes in the future but until then, enjoy! xo

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Mediterranean Mezza Bowl with Qunioa, Tabouli, Babaganoush, Hummus and Falafels

Mezza Bowl

Guys, how do you spell Babaganoush, or is it baba ghanoush, or baba ganoush? Google seems to have many spellings, people seem to have many spellings. What do i use for best SEO? ugh. If you know please comment below, I will send you an emoji hug and kiss. Anyways, this bowl- It’s inspired by my love of all things burrito bowl-esq and the freedom that comes with making meals that start with a bowl. I used qunioa as the base to build upon and added all my favorite other medditerranean small plate items on top. I previously posted the recipe for the tabouli, baba ghanoush, and sundried tomato hummus this week so please visit those posts for the recipes! Basically, if you couldn’t tell we were building up to this bowl all week! ahhhh, its Friday! I slightly altered and adapted the falafel recipe from the minimalist bakers recipe only changing the spices and technique they used. I love that blog. And I L O V E this bowl. Its soooo good.

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Sun Dried Tomato Hummus

Sun Dried hummus


Hummus is the boss. Made with healthy ingredients and loaded with protien, fiber and is finger lickin good.  It could easily be eaten alone by the spoonful. Common, don’t pretend like you haven’t done it, or atleast thought about it! Over the years it has become a very common appetizer on a varitey of menus and with good reason. Hummus is like the vanilla ice cream of savory dips. You can practically add anything to it and it will taste good. Today, I made a Sun Dried Tomato Hummus and it turned out awesome. Look how vibrant and beautiful that color is. Man, I love it.

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Baba Ghanoush

Baba Ghanoush

I used to think I didnt like eggplant, just like I didnt think I liked avocados. But as you all know, most things in life change and my taste for eggplant was no exception. One of the nice things about this recipe for baba ghanoush is that it doesnt require any extra oil (aside from the roasting of the eggplant) to give it that creamy texture and taste that it is known for. Obviously, from the photo you can tell I added some on top but that is mostly for aesthetics cause I like things to look pretty, ya know? This recipe is relatively quick and easy, perfect for a wine night with girlfriends, and great to make a big batch to keep in the fridge for quick, healthy snacking all week long. Dip carrots, cucumbers, red pepper, pita chips, or any kind of chip for that matter, and CHOMP. So good. Add a spoonful on top of your salad, or qunioa bowl for extra flavor and nom.

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Tabouli with a Hint of Mint



Mediterranean cuisine quickly became my favorite style when I stopped eating meat. So many of the main dishes are naturally vegan making it very easy to eat with carnivors and the like. Tabouli is something that I find refreshing and I get so excited about putting all that raw parsley into my body. It is insanely high in Vitamin K, A, & C and is loaded with anti-aging antioxidents. In addition it is a very cleansing herb and generally available year round. It is thought to help prevent against Rheumatoid Arthritis and keeps your heart healthy. Parsley is a good source of folic acid, one of the most important B vitamins. Although it plays many roles in the body, cardivascular health is a honorable mention. I love love love eating this stuff knowing how good it is for me, and the fact that it taste delicious- B O N U S.

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Vegan Cookies and Cream Ice Box Cake | Collaboration with Wizard of AAhs, Chef Jaime Craten

Vegan Cookies and Cream

Everyone has an opinion about birthdays, specifcally their own. Do they love to celebrate it, do they not or are they completely indifferent. I don’t think it is fair to generalize and say as you get older you care less because I know plenty of people older than me who celebrate widly each year. I think I have always been a birthday fan, but when I was younger I was always a little afraid to throw a party in fear that no one would come. My insecurities ran deeeeep. It wasn’t until last year that I really felt confident in myself and the friendships I had and so I threw two parties. Yup two. One was at a bottomless mimosa brunch and the other was at my best friends house in Culver City. Both were fabulous. This year, I am officially in my late twenties having turned 27. 

Something feels different, I feel different. Not older- I do not feel older rather lighter, with more peace of mind then ever before. I have more confidence in myself than ever and I do not necessarily attribute it to having more years of experience under my belt, although that is part of it. Since I was twenty four, getting right with myself has been a main focus- I was single, getting help for my eating disorder and taking courses about how to live life powerfully (yes- I admit it- I am a self help, personal development junkie) Atleast the courses are a tax right off right? Bonus. I had years of self loathing to shed so I put in the time to shed them. And as a result, each day is an opportunity to continue to grow more in the direction I am headed instead of where I came from. 

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Mediterranean Spiced & Grilled Vegetable Rice Bowls with Avocado – Vegan, Gluten Free

med spiced veggie4

Today I came across an article about Michael Pollans new book, Second Nature . The book explores the lesson we can learn about life through gardening and cooking our own food. His approach to industrial farming, food, and health goes far deeper then just providing sustenance, it transends the human need to eat into something that I can only describe as spiritual. When I was cooking this meal I was thinking about where my ingredients came from, how they were grown, the enviormental impact and the nourishment it would provide my body. It was a really beautiful reminder about the moral aspect of eating, and the cause and effect that our choices have. 

So on to the bowl of goodness- This dish is relatively quick, satisfying and full of flavor. I absolutely love brown rice with a little (vegan) butter, garlic and fresh herbs- It really takes the rice to the next level so I highly encourage you to make the rice a little fancy. The spice rub for the vegetables would also be delicious on tofu (or meat if you are a meat eater), and had I had some in the fridge at the time I most certainly would have marinated the tofu, put it on skewers and tossed it on the grill. My trick for grilling tofu is to fold your pieces up in paper towl to remove as much moisture as possible before grilling- it really makes for a firmer piece of tofu.

If you can — grill everything, but this would be just as good prepared on the stove, or baked in the oven. Enjoy!
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Peanut Butter Coconut Donuts – Gluten Free, Vegan

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Back in 2013 I traveled to Thailand for two weeks and I still find myself inspired by the different flavors of food that I tried. The country and the people were as coloful as their dishes and the firey flavor of some spicy concoctions resembled the spirit, and architecture of the buildings. Bursting red roofs of the Wats, and the prestine gold statues of buddhas or dragons that lined the streets are a constant reminder of the spirit of Thailand. It is truly a stunning place. 

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