Two Lists to Change Your Relationship With Food, Plus A Free Printable


Hiiii beautifuls!

I was recently listening to the lastest episode of The Him & Her Podcast from The Skinny Confidential. Each week Micheal and Lauryn share a tip of the week that are generally pretty useful. Lauryn’s most recent tip was inspired by and adapted from Seth Godin and it was about making two lists.

Just two. That’s it.

As I was listening to it I immediately knew that I wanted to make those lists for myself and create two new ones for those of you who are in the process of creating a healthy and balanced relationship with food and your body. Its a journey that takes time and practice, and these lists are a tool that you can add to your food freedom tool belt.

Before I dive into the lists about changing your relationship with food, lets take a look at the original idea incase you want to do both exercises.

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5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Eating Disorder Recovery

Hi loves!

How was everyone’s holiday and new year’s celebrations? I’ll be honest with you guys I am a little tired after it all but I really truly enjoyed the entire season.

This time of year is always so beautiful, filled with family, friends and food. But man the food. I know first-hand how that part can really steal our joy if we have an unbalanced relationship with it.

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5 Supplements I Became Obsessed With in 2017

As the year winds down I find myself in a constant state of reflection. 2017 was filled to the brim with education, self-discovery, triumph, hardships and loads of good food. It was also filled with innovations and discoveries in the world of health and wellness. The importance of our gut health hit mainstream, new science came out to support the importance of intermittent fasting (as long as you don’t have a disordered relationship with food) and organic products are popping up everywhere from airports to Walmarts. I also learned a lot about new supplements and their benefits.

I’ll be the first to admit that I am a skeptic of most supplements. Part of the aversion is that we cannot supplement our way out of a poor diet, the industry in not regulated so quality control is minimal and if we can go right to the source of most nutrients, organic whole foods, why would we take an isolated source?  All that being said after trying out a few this year when I was up against some issues including stress, anxiety, trouble sleeping, changes in skin apparence and serious problems focusing I thought I would give supplements another try. I really experienced benefits so my opinion softened a little…., well so much in fact that I actually swear by some now.

Here are the 5 supplements that I became obsessed with this year.

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The Promise of a Diet is a Lie

By the age of 13 I started to have body dissatisfaction.

The pressure for women to look a certain entered my conscience leading to an obsession with thinness. I didn’t know the term thigh gap at the time but I was very concerned with my own.

I was not overweight as a child, in fact my slender frame was something I was often complimented on. You’d think that would make me feel good about myself but it fueled insecurity and a desire to be model thin. It actually made me more self-conscience and at the same time created a link between self-worth and size.

By age 14 I was restricting calories and by age 15 I was on my first official diet. I chose Atkins.

There was no loyalty to it though.

I used to always get seduced by the next latest and greatest one. As soon as I heard all about its miracle workings and how it would leave me feeling great and with the body of my dreams I willingly pledged allegiance to it.

There is always the same promise with every new diet. This one will be the last one, solve your weight-loss woes and make you love your body.

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What is a Health Coach and Why the American Medical Associations Recommends Them!

Well hello!

I am sitting in Cafe Gratitude eating nachos and tacos on a Tuesday in Venice. I know soooo LA of me. But by the time this goes live on my blog it will most likely be Thursday. Just some BTS for you of the blog life.

On my way here I was listening to an episode of the Tony Robbins podcast featuring Chris Kresser, one of the most influential names in health and wellness. The conversation dove into how the modern medical system is not helping mitigate the continued rise of chronic illness in America and why health coaches are necessary for the future of medical care.

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Why That Food Thing Matters

Hi sweet human friends!

This week I become a Certified Health Coach (does fist pumps) which is very exciting for me! Even though I have been working with clients for the last 6 months it feels really great to add this layer of credibility and tool to my tool belt.

The distinctions I learned and the nutritional knowledge I gained will only help me be more of service to YOU.

It’s a miracle that I am here, helping others discover how to have health in their bodies such that they can make the difference they want to make in the world. You all know my relationship with food used to be in shambles and my own experience creating vibrancy inside my body has been an uncomfortable ride. I didn’t always wake up feeling excited and go to bed feeling fulfilled.

But learning to feed myself has effected every other area of my life. Let me explain.

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Why Forming New Healthy Habits is So Damn Hard

Okkkkkk! I woke up this morning just feeling on fiyahhh. Don’t ask me why we started spelling fire that way…, that’s just the way it’s getting spelt in my DM’s these days.

And a couple weeks ago at a little singer songwriter event here in LA I kept hearing people say “your outfit is fire,” “that song is fire,” “this cocktail is fire.” sooo now you know. lit is know fire. or fiyahhh if we’re getting specific.

Clearly someone had too much coffee this morning.

Moving on.

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7 Tips To Get You Through Thanksgiving if You Are An Emotional Eater or Binger


I was always my worst self on Thanksgiving. Or any day dedicated to food really.

It used to be a free for all for me. I would binge and purge like 10 times that day. Maybe more. Not only was I stressed but I was wickedly insecure, caring about everyones opinions and over analyzing every. single. word. I. said. which led to the compulsive over eating… I just didnt know how to eat normally or be around food without it sending me off the deeeeeeep end.

So if you can relate then these tips are for you.

n u m b e r 1. 

Focus on the amazing people in your life that you get to spend time with. Talk with those humans, get out of your head, be present, get connected to them. Take the focus off of yourself and the food.

n u m b e r 2. 

Eat breakfast and lunch. Don’t skip meals knowing you’re having a big dinner… that does not set you up for success biologically, mentally or emotionally. In this post I talk about the biological side of it and how you can manage your appetite and blood sugar to decrease the chances of a binge. Emotionally and mentally, skipping meals is a way to actually anticipate and create space for the binging and over eating. Mitigate that by treating it like any other day.

n u m b e r 3.

Truly enjoy every bite of food… what does it smell like, taste like, look like. slow down if ya need too and check in. If you slow down enough to ejoy each bite, you will eat slower, enjoy it more, and sense your internal cues of satiety.

n u m b e r 4.

Dont beat yourself up for eating too much food or having dessert. Allow it to be a complete experience instead of it meaning you have to restrict or only eat salad, or workout extra hard for the next week. Have some pie and then be done with it. it means nothing except that you had some pie. no biggie. Often we eat unhealthy and then take that experience with us on to the next experience and make it mean more then it is. The extra shame and guilt has no value nor is it productive. Enjoy the meal and then put a period (.) at the end of it.

n u m b e r 5.

Move your body, go for a walk or a hike to help with digestion, stress and because it feels GOOD not because you “should.”

n u m b e r 6.

Practice gratitude and give thanks. It’s hard to be stressed and grateful at the same time.  

n u m b e r 7.

Trust your built in body wisdom and intuition about foods. If you know a certain food doesn’t agree with you, honor that. Don’t let the pressure of others or the holiday stop you from doing you. But if you want that food then eat it and enjoy it. DO YOU! I know that around the holidays our family and friends can push us to eat or make comments about our bodies or what’s on our plate. Remember that you have every right to stand in your power and do what you know is best for you.

lots of love, HAPPY THANKSGIVING. I am always here if you need support.

You got this, sista.

xo, C

Creating Healthy Boundaries around Health and Food With Brandilyn Tebo

This post is for those that know their relationship with food and health could use some work.

I teamed up with Brandilyn Tebo, transformative af Life Coach to help you create healthy boundaries with food and health.

We want to describe what is “normal” and “not normal” in this area. And give you some tips to transform your relationship to food and health

Both of us are eating disorder survivors and have been on a swinging pendulum of obsessively healthy to no holds back, eating any and everything in sight. We want to help you find a healthy balance. SO without further ado lets dive in.

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Bio-hack your Appetite to Stop Overeating at Night and Lose Weight

Alright lady loves! and Fellas if you are reading 🙂

Today we are going to be talking about one of my favorite topics. Breaking the binge cycle with nutrition.

My girlfriend Tristan From Honest To Goodness Health helps me break it down in the video and throughout this post she will be quoted. In the video we dive into a Q&A with the audience since this is from a n Instagram and Facebook LIVE, but the bulk of the information is in the first 20 minutes.

As a health coach and holistic nutritionist I look at not only the nutritional element and what we are eating, but also the emotional connection to food and the beliefs and ways of being that get us stuck in food prison.

But today we are just going to be focusing on the nutritional side.

If you know that binging for you is not massively emotional, or rooted in an eating disorder then it is likely due to the way you are eating. What, when and how we eat effects our biology and trying to fight our biology is often a losing battle.

Our biology wants to keep us alive. Its our body’s job. And if you are not eating balanced meals your biology gets a little twisted.

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