LOVE- Nail and Wood DIY Wedding Gift

Nail and Wood Art

Sometimes giving gifts can be difficult. What to buy, how much to spend, will they like it? These questions constantly come up for me when I want to give something special to someone I care about. I have always found that it is hard to beat a DIY. It shows that you put effort, time, thought and creativity into it which is really special. This past week I was attending a wedding and I knew I wanted to make something. Not only because i wanted to give a thoughtful gift but I really had no idea what I would buy for them otherwise. I searched around the internet for DIY wedding gifts and thought that this nail and wood piece would be perfect. Its easy to make and takes about an hour to complete.

Nail and Wood Art3

Step 1. Gather the following supplies- nails, hammer, pencil, ruler, rope/string, scissors and wood plank. I purchased the string and board at Michaels for $15. I owned a hammer, pair of scissors and nails but these could be purchased at any hardware store. 

Step 2. Decide what word you would like to use and search for a font that you want to copy. I chose the word love and picked out this San Serif style font to match the font on the wedding invitation of the bride and groom this was for. 

Step 3. Using a ruler, measure the board and determine how big the letters should be to fill the space of the board evenly. Draw your letters lightly using a pencil.

Step 4.  Using the hammer, nail the nails along the outline of the letters. I did this free hand without measuring out equal distance between each letter. 

Step 5.  Tie a piece of string (not cut from the roll) to a nail at the most outter nail of your first word and begin to twist around the other nails until the entire letter is filled out and each nail has been utilized multiple times. Tie a not to which ever nail you ended on, cut the string and repeat for the remaing. I started on the ‘L” as you can see from the image above

I was so happy with how this gift turned out and I was even more excited about how much the bride and groom liked it. That really was the icing on the cake. 

If you have any questions about this DIY feel free to comment or send me an email through the contact tab on

 Nail and Wood Art2

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