Neapolotian Ice Cream Cubes & My FIrst Recipe Feature on Empowered Womens Channel!


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It is with great excitement and joy that I write this post.  Today, for the very first time, a recipe of my mine is featured on another site (not including instagram). I am so happy to finally share this recipe with you all! Its one of my favorites.

Empowered Womens Channel has a mission and vision similar to that of my own. I want to inspire women (and men, heh) to live a life that they love where they are free to fully express themselves. I want to inspire people to treat their bodies with care and love making sure to feed it with beautiful, whole foods. Neapolotian Ice Cream Cubes fits the bill for the mission wholeheartedly! It is a fully raw, vegan, gluten free & paleo recipe that will not dissapoint.  You and your body will smile as you eat it.

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Speaking of smiling, I am so giddy excited to have been featured on Empowered Womens Channel for the first time today. Not only do I love what the ladies are doing and feel so honored to be a part of it, I really think the world is starting to shift towards the empowerment and equality of women. The recent speech given by Emma Watson at the UN moved and inspired many, myself included, but it also helped remind me why it is I love to food blog. 

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Whenever I find myself in a place of doubt, questioning my skills, my ability, my dedication (and popularity on social media), I remember to come back to the reason why I started. I started because I was in search of a creative outlet where I could express my love of food, share my story of recovery and make a difference for other women. After having left fashion and entered the world of office job and lawyers, I yearned for a place to express this new healthy relationship with food I had created and that changed my life.

I am new to the kitchen. I was raised prodominetly on fast food or pasta with Ragu sauce then developed an eating disorder and if I ate it came from a foil wraped package of processed junk. Cooking is not something that comes natural to me and I still struggle with having patience to really nurture and cook the food properly. My chef of a boyfriend is helping me with that. I learn so much from just watching the way he moves and flows in the kitchen. Its pretty sexy actually. I am learning and developing everyday. I trust the process and know that as long as I continue to come from an authentic place of love for what I am doing, I will continue to grow and succeed. Cheers! Now I am off to celebrate food, blogging and other women with a glass of 2 buck chuck Cabernet! 


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