Health Coaching

What if one conversation could change the trajectory of your life and your health?

Hi! I’m Cara, I’ve helped hundreds of people nourish their bodies and minds through food.

If you are dealing with emotional eating, binging, yo-yo dieting and are stuck in a cyclical pattern of unhealthy habits then health coaching will help you create freedom, power and joy in this area of your life.

I am truly excited to be partnering with you on your health journey.

As a health coach I will be working with you to foster change in your life so that you feel fully alive in your body.

Change is not static, its fluid and can get messy at times.

We will be embarking on a self-discovery exploration to discover your innate wisdom to move you closer to a healthier, more balanced, vibrant version of yourself.

I will hold you accountable for the changes you say you want to make in your life. I keep it real with you.

I will tell you what others are to polite to say.

You are responsible for the actions you take and I will be there every step of the way to support and encourage you along this journey.

We will establish goals, create a vision and take meaningful action everyday.

Through this process clients slow down, look within and examine their thought process, beliefs and mindset to uncover how it has held them back in the past.

Cara’s Kitchen isn’t just about physical wellness although that is hugely important, it is also about you as a whole.

Your values, fulfillment, life purpose, relationships, goals and the difference you want to make in your life.

We will work together to create awareness in the body. We will determine what foods satisfy you emotionally and physically so you can thrive and feel amazing.



What Happens on A Discovery Call?

Here’s the run down:

Before the call, I will ask you about one area in your health and relationship to food that you would like to have a breakthrough!

This means where you feel stuck, stressed, defeated, undernourished or simply confused.

Then we’ll jump on a phone call and I will coach you for 30-90 minutes (however long it takes!) on this area.

I promise to give you everything I’ve got. I won’t hold back.

By the end of the call you will have more clarity and confidence. You will walk away with actions you can take to feel empowered and produce new results in this area.

Then we both assess how we feel about each other. Are we a good fit to work together. Am I the right coach for you, would we make an awesome team?

If so, we’ll set up a program that will help you reach your goals, create a schedule and talk finances.

If not, you will take the clarity you got on the call and go put it to use in your life! No hard feelings, nothing but love and support.




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