Holistic Nutrition

Ready to ditch food drama and dieting for ever?


Changing up the way we eat and live our life is hard. It’s also scary and can be challenging at times.

As a Holistic Nutritionist I’ll explore how every area of your life is connected. We will discover what roles stress, relationships, habits and emotions play in your health and eating journey.

We will dive deep into the foods you are currently eating, sift through the contradictory health information that floods the internet and figure out what will work best for your unique bio-individuality.

THERE IS NO ONE RIGHT WAY TO EAT FOR EVERYONE. Together we will uncover how you can thrive.


This is the perfect package to get you back on track as a mindful eater, streghten healthy habits and gain a stronger understanding of your nutritional needs. You have some foundational knowledge but know a little accountability and direction will help you change your lifestyle and take charge of your health once and for all.  
  • Discovery call (30-90 minutes)
  • 3 sessions
  • Personalized meal plan
  • Tailored recipes created specifically for your goals
  • Support and accountability between sessions

IGNITE 3-Month Program

If you’re ready to fully commit to your health and transform your life this program is for you. Together, we will ignite change in your well-being by reseting your cravings, increasing your energy, creating food freedom and adopting a healthy lifestyle you can maintain FOR LIFE!  
  • Discovery call
  • 10 sessions
  • Personalized meal plan
  • Tailored recipes created specifically for your goals
  • Workout and Action Plans
  • 90 days of support and accountability

Solo Upkeep Sessions

Life happens, I know.  There are those fun things in life, like vacations, celebrations, and holidays that can leave us a little off track, Don’t stress! Scheduling an Upkeep session is just the reset you need. We’ll revisit your initial motivations and objectives while going through a refresher on wellness strategies to overcome any areas where you feel stuck or set back.


Lets hop on a discovery call.

On the call we will talk about what you’re struggling with, what hasn’t worked in the past, your objectives and create a plan that will help you achieve your wellness goals.



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