Recipe Developement and Content Creation

Recipe Development and Content Creation for Brands and Restaurants


Need to showcase how to use your product and want beautiful photos?

Together we will create custom recipes and content using my unique culinary point of view for your brand.

I only work with products and companies that I genuinely love so you can rest assured that my community and tribe will love it too.

Contact me through the form below for my Media Kit or send me DM on instagram @caraskitchen


As a prior restaurant owner, I know how important offering new and exciting items are to keeping the tables full and creating a constant buzz. Because of my background I understand  the process of encorporating new items into the line, thinking about prep time during rushes, costing, sourcing ingredients and everything behind the scenes that goes into creating dishes for a menu.

That said, food and health trends are set by bloggers and influencers like me.  We all know how important instagrammable menu items are to growing our businesses and attracting new and returning guests. I work with restaurants to help design recipes and menus that inspire and excite.

I can style and photograph the dishes for marketing as well and work with all kitchen staff to ensure smooth implementation of new items. Additionally I am ServeSafe Manager Certified.


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