5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Eating Disorder Recovery

Hi loves!

How was everyone’s holiday and new year’s celebrations? I’ll be honest with you guys I am a little tired after it all but I really truly enjoyed the entire season.

This time of year is always so beautiful, filled with family, friends and food. But man the food. I know first-hand how that part can really steal our joy if we have an unbalanced relationship with it.

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The Promise of a Diet is a Lie

By the age of 13 I started to have body dissatisfaction.

The pressure for women to look a certain entered my conscience leading to an obsession with thinness. I didn’t know the term thigh gap at the time but I was very concerned with my own.

I was not overweight as a child, in fact my slender frame was something I was often complimented on. You’d think that would make me feel good about myself but it fueled insecurity and a desire to be model thin. It actually made me more self-conscience and at the same time created a link between self-worth and size.

By age 14 I was restricting calories and by age 15 I was on my first official diet. I chose Atkins.

There was no loyalty to it though.

I used to always get seduced by the next latest and greatest one. As soon as I heard all about its miracle workings and how it would leave me feeling great and with the body of my dreams I willingly pledged allegiance to it.

There is always the same promise with every new diet. This one will be the last one, solve your weight-loss woes and make you love your body.

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