Willpower and Self Control Are Not The Answer

Hi Babes! Today’s post is about why self control and willpower are not the answer to our food obsessed problems. I know, bummer, we always think that is the key but it’s not.

If you are consumed by thoughts about food, like it takes everything in you to not eat the entire box of oreos in one sitting, while hiding in your room so no one can see, this post is for you.

If you are constantly thinking about what you should eat, what you shouldn’t eat, when your next meal is all the while day dreaming about pillowly soft cake donuts, this post is for you.

Typically what happens is we will be going along our merry way, eating the “OK” foods on our list when something happens. We get stressed, or sad, or anxious so we end up going straight to the freezer and start binge eating ice cream out of the carton while still standing up.

Been there, done that….,

When we realize that we have broke our diet we feel monumental amounts of shame and guilt, so we decide to eat everything in site because our “diet” starts again tomorrow.

Sound familiar?

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Constantly Wishing I looked Like Someone Else (Reader Letter)

Hi babes,

I am coming at you today from my bed, boom. Do any of you remember Dear Sugar, that relationship coloumn by Cheryl Strayed?

God, I LOVED that. I still go back and read them from time to time if I am having a relationship lull or feeling sadĀ  or need some inspiration or whatever.

I want to share with you letters or DM’s that I get from you guys and respond to them, much like Dear Sugar. I will share these letters with permission of the writer and of course it wil be confidential. But I believe that it will help so many of us dealing with a less then stellar relationship with food, body and ourselves.

As women, we have the gift of gab and talking about (or in this case reading) about can really help kick start the healing.

So without further ado, here is DM numero uno:

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