Thai Red Coconut Curry w/ Chickpeas & Shrooms

Chickpea Coconut Curry Caras Kitchen

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind. Honestly this whole year has but thats a different story. Between a transformative yoga retreat, a painful break up with a man I loved, a school load exponentially increasing, starting a new business with a soul sister I’ve never met IRL and finally deciding to move back to LA for good (just not yet), its safe to say my feet haven’t really been on the ground. The thoughts in my head up with the clouds.

This warming curry has me all figured out though. It just gets me.

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Balancing Peanut Butter Fudge Bars w/ Adoptagens

I’m gunna be real with you. These bars taste like snickers. At least what I remember snickers tasting like. Its been over half a dacade so I might not be the best judge. You might be wondering how they balance you out or reduce stress like their name suggests. The secret stress reducing sauce is made up of adaptogens.

Adaptogens are everywhere these days. These super herbs and fungi have made there way into just about everything. If you’re anything like me then you spend a good portion of your day knee deep in an instagram scroll hole. There I’ve seen adaptogens put in soup, smoothies, coffee, tea, energy bites and now they are going in dessert.

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Turmeric Rice Bowls with Golden Cauliflower, Potatoes and Black Beans + Some Thoughts

This is a long winded post where I spill the beans. Ready?

If I told you that exercise caused endorphins and endorphins make you happy you’d probably knod or roll your eyes at me for the obvious-ness of my statement.  Truth be told, I had nearly forgotten about the positive vibe tidal wave that came after a good sweat sesh. You see, the past few months have been strange. Not in the sense that odd things are happening, its just that my life has never looked the way its looked recently.

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The Best Nut Free Vegan Alfredo Sauce with Pasta & Broccolini (Gluten Free & Soy Free)

Nut Free Vegan Alfredo Pasta Caras Kitchen

It happens all the time. Just as I am getting into the groove of my workout (spinning/yoga/running), a recipe idea pops in my brain out of nowhere. This time: vegan alfredo sauce.

Growing up in an Italian famliy (I’m from Chi Town, baby), I am no stranger to all kinds of pasta and spaghetti dishes. I practically grew up on that stuff but as I’ve gotten older and more mindful of what I put in my body I keep it to a minimum. Not trying to hate on #carbs or anything, I just try to eat mostly vegetables. When I was younger, Fettucini Alfredo was my favorite. There was not even a close second. It didn’t matter where we were, Dennys, Olive Garden, Grandmas house; if it was up to me that’s what we were having. And with good reason, the shizz is delicious.

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Persimmon and Basil Creme Galette

Persimmon and Basil Creme Galette #vegan 9

This past month I’ve found myself in aggressive moods propelled by moments of angst over the impending changes at work and in my life (more on that another day). I can’t help but think the current state of our world is also a player in this game of nearly getting the best of me on a regular basis. The barrage of headlines about war and terror and red verse blue cast a shadow on my otherwise sunny disposition. How does one deal with it all? It makes me feel like I am treading water in uneasy seas.

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Easy Vegan Pumpkin Chili

Easy Vegan Pumpkin Chili #vegan #glutenfree 5

So much of embracing a new season is shifting the foods that you eat. Eating seasonally to me is eating in alignment with the planet, seeking enrichment from what the earth has to offer at that given time and we all know that foods in season require less pesticides and taste better so its a win-win. And well pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin!

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Hawaiian Style Fried Tofu with Coconut Rice and a Pineapple Slice {Vegan}

Hawaiian Style Fried Tofu and Coconut rice2

As an avid traveler, I make an effort to try street food in every country I go to, staying away from the main tourist attractions most of the time. Not all the time, but enough so I can really get a sense of what local food tastes like where ever I am.  Not local food trying to appeal to Americans and other tourists- thats what I don’t want to indulge in. Although Hawaii is a part of the United States, its far enough from the mainland to have its own flavors and flare. I recently saw an epsiode of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on Netflix that showed a shrimp truck on the island of Ohau and they served a lemon, garlic, butter shrimp dish with a side of coconut rice that looked amaze. It inspired me to make a vegan version with fried tofu. Although, my boyfriend would have preferred the shrimp version, he still liked this alot. Its rather simple and very satisfying.

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Tangy Thai Peanut Sweet Potato Skin {Vegan, GF}

thai peanut sweet potato skins3

There is a reason why we have carbohydrate digestive enzymes in our saliva… clearly it is because we are supposed to eat carbs. Thank you for that one, Mother Nature. I sometimes scratch my head thinking about the fact that I was on a low carb diet for about 4 years of my life. I was an avid Atkins girl and like many Americans, a complete carbophob. I might have just made up a word, I like it! Looking back on the all the potatoe skins I didn’t eat because I was in fear of getting fat so I ate loads of bacon instead is depressing. Thankfully, I am making up for lost time by encorporating healthy carbs into my daily regimen and these sweet potato skins are shockingly good. Like take a bite, pause in disbalief, gets wide eyed and release a pleasureable moan sound kind of good.

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Easy Vegan & Grain Free Burrito Bowl

burrito bowl

Last week, when my boyfriend and I made all the mediterranean food, I was creating a shopping list and I realized how all the dishes were made up of predominatly all the same ingredients. Chickpeas, parsley, oregano, garlic, lemon, onion and olive oil were in almost everything we were making. He then said, “its the same with Mexican food too. And well…, most ethnic cuisines.” I realized he was right. This might not seem like a profound revealation but I guess I just hadn’t thought about it before. When I was buying ingredients for this burrito bowl, I realized cilantro, lime, garlic, paprika or cayenne, cumin, onion, beans, and avocado make up so many of the dishes I love from Mexian restaurants. It streamlines things for sure and I realized how there are just certian combination of ingredients that work and now matter how you combine them together you will (most of the time) end up with something that tastes good. So on to this bowl, I adapted the recipe from Claire at The Kitchy Kitchen, one of my favorite bloggers- and it is so good. I have never made a bad recipe from her blog, they all turn out great. If you did not know, now you know. This recipe serves four people and is super easy to make and so fulling, even your meat eating friends will enjoy it. I decided to make it paleo friendly by substituing actual rice for cauliflower rice and you can find the recipe here but you are welcome to use real rice if you want.

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