Chocolate Mousse with Coconut Whipped Cream – Raw, Vegan

chocolate mousse 2

Chocolate pudding, or snackpaks as I knew them, were one of my favorite things in my brown paper bag lunch growing up. Looking back, I sort of can’t believe my mom sent those with me because they are so unhealthy, but they are delicious. These days, I still indulge in desserts but I strive to make them as healthy as possible while tasting as unhealthy as possible. Does that even make sense? I think you get it. This recipe is exactly that- its healthy but taste sort of unhealthy. The chocolate mousse is made with avocados, raw cacao, pure maple syrup and love. duh. Have to add in a dash of that. And the coconut whipped cream is three ingredients, none of which are dairy. You can serve this with the coconut whipped cream and cacao nibs, or serve with fresh fruit. Either way, you will not be dissapointed.

Its. So. Good.

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Herbed Jackfruit Salad Sandwhich- A Vegan Spin on Classic Chicken or Tuna Salad

jackfruit salad sandwich

Confession- I am jackfruit convert. As I was making this recipe I couldnt stop thinking of all the different ways it could be used. This stuff is amazingly versatile and not processed. Similarly to tofu, jackfruit has a very mild flavor so it picks up the flavor of whatever you add to it extremely well, making it an awesome meat substitute for vegans and plant eaters alike. Granted, it isn’t high in protein like meat, but you can find your protein elsewhere.

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Lettuce Taco Wraps with Mango Slaw, and Cilantro-Basil Cashew Cream

Lettuce Tacos3

This past weekend I went out to Palm Sprimgs for the Coachella Music and Arts Festival. There is something about being in the desert that makes you feel so much further from Los Angeles than you really are. The energy is different, people are so relaxed and Palm Springs has never left the mid-century so it is an interior and architecture design inspiration mecca. I do have a point about tacos, so hang with me here. 🙂 Although, the line up was not filled with as many bands that I love as in past years there was still an abundance of fantastic music. Kanye came out during the Weeknd’s set and blew the lid of it, Odesza was a pheonominal, ACDC, although a one trick pony, does the trick really well, and Jack White made me love him because of how good of a live show he puts on. Other honorable mentions were Gorgon City, who’s live set at the Fonda a few months ago sounded way better, Ratatat was surprisingly on point, Kieza has wonderful stage presense, but questionable fashion choice and Brand New, a favorite of mine from when I was in my early teen years. Thumbs up to anyone who also loves Brand New!

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5 Things You Might Not Have Known About Having an Eating Disorder- Food For Thought

combo pic 2

Since I started my blog, I began to reach out and explore some other food blogs from the foodies I follow on Instagram and in doing so I started to notice a common thread through many of us. Several of us now healthy food advocates struggled with eating disorders in the past. We all have an obsession with food that at some point in our lives was extremely unhealthy. Some are very vocal about it and some breifly mention it from time to time but I am inspired by all their stories as I relate to them on a very deep level.

I struggled with an eating disorder for 10 years from the time I was 15 and about to start high school, to 25 as a young woman working and living in Los Angeles. I am 26 now and recovered but it was a battle that lasted two years to get healthy and it took hitting rock bottom to finally realize I needed help. When I started to share with my closest friends and family about my eating disorder I realized that many of them had misconceptions about what an eating disorder actually is and then my boy friend shared this article with me and it inspired me to share this list of 5 things you might not have known about having an eating disorder.

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Back To School: The Sandwich

Chomp sandwich

Its August, (or rawgust for those of you on the raw food challenege) or as to moms and students everywhere, back to school time. I remember growing up my mom would pack me the same sandwichs over and over again. It was either PB&J with crunchy peanut butter and grape jelly, tuna fish with mayo and sliced carrots or ham and cheese. If I was lucky it might have had the addition of a tomato on it. This was totally fine with me at the time but I have since then developed a more colorful palette for the ingredients between two slices of bread.

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10 Inspirational Quotes for The Girl Who Believes in Magic

I love inspirational quotes, whether they be extremely well known or something a friend said in conversation. I find myself hanging on to them, repeating them in my mind, or writing them on paper and sticking them to my mirror. I tweet them, retweet them, share them and now, blog about them.A great quote, for me, is two things: laconic and filled with wisdom. Laconic is expressing much with few words and wisdom is the ability to use knowledge, experience, insight, understanding and common sense. Essentially and great quote is short enough to memorize and powerful enough to change the way you think. Below are 10 of my favorite inspirational quotes for those who believe in magic.

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Why I am Transitioning Away from a Vegan Diet

Salmon Corn Salad


Veganism is and always will be a fantastic way of life. It truly is thekind diet. Eating only plant based foods takes in consideration the effects that eating otherwise does not. I find that the majority of people I talk to who are not vegans or at the very least vegetarians have little understanding of the effects their diet has on the environment, the economy and their body.  That isn’t to say they do not care about those things, it might simply be the case that the information has never come their way. Don’t get me wrong here, I am well aware of the massive healthy food movement that is happening all over the world, I am on Instagram, but seeing a picture of a salad does not translate into overwhelming statistics of greenhouse gas emissions from industrial cattle farming. I think what I am trying to get at is even though I am transitioning away from this diet I am not unconscious to the effects that my eating decisions have on the world around me. I will remain aware.

As of now, I am not eating meat and I do not have any intentions of starting again but had you asked me a year ago if I would eat eggs or fish I might have told you to get lost. Clearly, things change.  I think the commercial egg industry has the largest disregard for life as they literally toss the male chicks in the garbage as they are not egg producing entities which is why it is so important for me to always choose wisely when I am going to eat eggs. But to be completely honest, eggs were the one non-vegan food I missed the most and my body craved. I think in some ways it is honorable for me to have addressed the situation in an intuitive way, Listening to what my body needed instead of me telling it what it should and shouldn’t eat.

Ultimately, I want to be authentic and honest about the way that I eat since that is sort of what I am all about: sharing my food and recipes. I decided it was time to be true to myself and stop labeling myself as a vegan when I am not.  I want to fully embrace the person I am and be proud of the decisions I make. That is really what this post is about. It is about not letting the opinions of others effect me because honestly, I was afraid of what my peers would think. However, people should not be made to feel guilty for the way they choose to eat so long as they are happy and healthy. I spent over a decade of my life feeling guilt about ever morsal of food I ate and I have no intentions of going back to the dark place where my eating disorder lives. I am aware I might let some people down but those who care about me will only support this decision if it will ultimately result in my overall well-being. And it has, I am sleeping like a baby and have more energy than a meathead who drank three Redbulls (ew).

My decision to become vegan is as conscious as my decision to no longer be one. Michael Pollen said to “eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” That has been my mantra the past few weeks as I have decided to come clean about this transition. I will always always be a plant based princess; I love fruits and vegetables and feel overwhelming blessed to honestly say that. I strive for a healthy balance in every aspect of my life. I want to acknowledge Jessica @organicaveggiemama and Jordan @theblondeveggie for being upfront and honest about their decisions to transition away from veganism. It inspired me to be honest and upfront as well. Thanks ladies, much love! Xoxo

I am excited to share more healthy recipes with you all as I turn the page on my next food adventure! xo

10 Badass Quotes from #GIRLSBOSS By Sophia Amoruso

girlboss#GIRLBOSS is much more then the title of a New York Times best selling book. I think it signifies a shift in our generation and our aversion to traditional societal systems. Sophia Amoruso has had a unique road to entrepreneurial success that only validates the well-known Albert Einstein quote about intuition and imagination being more important than knowledge. There are over fourty thousand photos under the hashtag “GIRLBOSS” on instagram which tells me that forward thinking Millennials (and Venture Capitalists) all over the globe have been inspired by the story of NastyGal. I know I am. She stands for something that my generation can relate to and she is breaking all the traditional rules along the way. Below are 10 of my favorite badass quotes from #GIRLBOSS.

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9 Reasons to Shop at Farmers Markets

1.      Shopping Locally Grown Taste Better.Chances are the food you buy at a local farmers market was literally picked earlier that morning. When food is picked, packaged and shipped it leaves time for sugars to turn to starches, plant cells to shrink and the produce to lose its flavor. Fresh food taste better. period.2.      Shopping in Season-  Buying foods that are in season is generally more affordable,  more nutritious and requires less pesticides then crops that are rasied year round in less desirable conditions.

3.      Supporting Your Community- You have the ability to walk around with people who are your neighbors and friends. It is very easy to build a sense of community around the fresh food; there is a reason why the kitchen tends to be the most popular room in the house.

4.      Getting Outside- Farmers Markets are a great reason to get out of the house. In this modern world, we spend the majority of our time inside in front of a screen of some kind. Lame. Get out of the house; get some Vitamin D and stretch those legs.5.      Meeting the Farmer- When you get to know the farmer who grows your food, you open the door to a new trust and understanding about the importance of fresh ingredients, the integrity of the crops and sustainability for the enviornment. Its a win, win, win.

6.      Reducing Your Carbon Footprint– Shopping directly from the farmer at a farmers market is a no-frills transaction and cuts down on every aspect of packaging. Also, it is done outside and requires no extra electricity for the transaction to take place. compare that to the average every grocery store which emits 1,900 tons of Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere each year. Thats ridiculous.

7.      Unique Varieties of Fruits and Vegetables- Hello, do you see that photo above of MINI WHITE CUCUMBERS…nuff said.

8.      Supporting Small Business– Less than 1% of Americans are farmers, which is a dramatic decline over the last 30 years. When you buy directly from your farmer you remove the middle man and allow all the retail profit back in his pocket.

9.   You Vote With Your Wallet-  why not vote local, organic, sustainable, environmentally friendly, healthy and community based?