Women I Love: Elizabeth Gilbert and a Talk About Where Does Creativity Come From? – Series

Elizabeth Gilbert

“Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert is one of the most moving books a girl like me has read. Chances are if you are a twenty-something babe than you have read it too. And seen the movie (but the book was better). Her book inspired me to go on my own little “Eat, Pray, Love” Journey in 2013 to Thailand after a horrible breakup and a fall out with a best friend. She recently gave a TED Talk and then had a discussion with NPR.org about where creativity comes from. Her idea that fear and creativity are twins really got me thinking about what motivates me to continue to create. I often fear that I will lose my passion and creativity as I age but listening to this Ted Talk provided some peace of mind and inspiration. I love that she does not believe in being fearless because I do not either. Fear in many ways is a motivator and a indicator that you are about to exit your comfort zone, which is where the magic happens anyways.

Watch TED Talk HERE

Check out the NPR special HERE



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