Savor Your Summer with Mindful Eating
Healthful Cooking Class + Soul Nourishing Workshop

Nourish your body, mind and soul during this half-day retreat in the company of like-minded women as we tour our senses in the spirit of mindful eating.
The afternoon begins with a hands-on cooking class with local farmer’s market ingredients. You’ll learn expertly crafted recipes and techniques from me (Cara) to prepare a thoughtfully curated, plant-based menu that promises to please the palate of carnivores and vegans alike.
As we lunch in a the comfort of a private LA home, you’ll practice mindful eating techniques with the guidance of Jennifer from Embodhied, a mind-body nutrition coach to savor your bounty. Touring each sense, you’ll not only marvel over your culinary efforts – you’ll fall in love with the magnificently intricate beauty of the eating experience.
The afternoon comes to a close with an interactive workshop strategically designed to attract the feelings that will make your summer sizzle. During this workshop, you’ll:
  • Learn the science behind your food choices and the food ⇔ mood cycle
  • Create a personal inventory of foods to nourish the summer of your dreams
  • Develop your custom blueprint to avoid unwanted eating habits
As a Thank-You for spending time with our tribe, you’ll receive a goodie bag of treats. This exclusive retreat is limited to a small number of guests.
6/25 | 11:30am-4:30pm | Private Residence in LA (address will be shared w/ RSVP’d guests)
Early Bird: $125 by May 28  |  Reg: $155 by June 18  | Full Price: $195 by June 24

Note: the menu has been thoughtfully prepared to avoid common allergens. Please notify hosts regarding any personal dietary restrictions prior to submitting your RSVP.

Learn more about Jennifer from Embodhied