Savor Your Summer: Sunday Funday


Carefree and full of fun little indulgences are key to savoring the warmest months of the year. Yes brunch is always an option, but ditch those plans for a day, and savor your summer Sunday in a new way with a group of like-minded women. Let’s design your dreamiest summer yet using a healthy dose of Neuroscience, dash of mind-body nutrition, and whole lotta culinary flavor.

Together we will feed your soul’s craving by embarking on a culinary exploration of:

  • What feelings are most dear to you to cultivate this season

  • Which seasonal foods are most likely to satiate your summertime desires

  • How to satisfy your palate with a balanced flavor profile suing the help of a mouth-watering, plant-based treat to taste

Some summer days are best spent in the spirit of community and adventure. Give yourself permission to get explore, and join us to make new memories with new friends. By the end of the day you’ll gain insight, laughter and a kick-ass recipe to take home to indulge in all summer long.

WHEN: June 11th 11:00am-12:30pm

WHERE: Colorado Center Park, Santa Monica, CA

WHY: Connect, Savor, Thrive!


*Your ticket purchase for this event can be used towards purchase of our main event on June 25th. 


Savor Your Summer with Mindful Eating

Nourish your body, mind and soul during this half-day retreat in the company of like-minded women as we tour our senses in the spirit of mindful eating.

The afternoon begins with a hands-on cooking class with local farmer’s market ingredients. You’ll learn expertly crafted recipes and techniques from me (Cara) to prepare a thoughtfully curated, plant-based menu. Together we will learn the elements of developing flavor, training your palate and creating balance so your food tastes auh-mazing.

As we lunch in the comfort of a private LA home, you’ll practice mindful eating techniques with the guidance of Jenn Schaefer from Embodhied, a mind-body nutrition coach to savor your bounty. Touring each sense, you’ll not only marvel over your culinary efforts – you’ll fall in love with the magnificently intricate beauty of the eating experience.

The afternoon comes to a close with an interactive workshop strategically designed to attract the feelings that will make your summer sizzle. During this workshop, you’ll:

  • Learn the science behind your food choices and the food ⇔ mood cycle
  • Create a personal inventory of foods to nourish the summer of your dreams
  • Develop your custom blueprint to avoid unwanted eating habits

This exclusive retreat is limited to a small number of guests. Reserve your spot by May 28 for $125 to save almost 40% off the full price of $195.  All RSVPs must be received by June 23




6/25 | 11:30am-4:30pm | Private Residence in LA (address will be shared w/ RSVP’d guests)
Early Bird: $125 by May 28  |  Reg: $155 by June 18  | Full Price: $195 by June 23


Learn more about Jenn Schaefer from Embodhied